• Image of Dropping Bombs Is Like Dropping Babies - GONZO247

24 x 36 " Poster print from GONZO247 artwork made for the 2007 poster show, "Yo, What Happened to Peace?". The show toured nationally and was made into a book of all the artwork.

Artist and curator John Carr began inviting submissions of Iraq-themed anti-war posters back in 2002 for a show titled Yo! What Happened To Peace. This was in the period of time leading up to the U.S. invasion and he got some great work. About 100 artists contributed and have since had their work tour Japan, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Rejkyavik, San Francisco and many other cities. The book chronicles the some 200 pieces that made up the show in their various incantations as they made their way to different cities. Edited by Carr, the book includes work by Ames Bros., Chaz Bojorquez, Robbie Conal, 3D, Eric Drooker, Emek, Shepard Fairey/OBEY, Karen Fiorito, Firehouse, Brandy Flower, Forkscrew Graphics, Futura, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, JK5, Kayrock & Wolfy, Josh MacPhee, Mear One, Favianna Rodriguez, Seripop, Yuri Shimojo, Winston Smith, Seth Tobocman, Mark Vallen, Voodoo Catbox and MANY others. It also comes with a great forward by Winston Smith and a stencil as the front cover! Oh also, we should be out of Iraq by now since it was an unfounded and unlawfull war, where thousands have died, and where there is no end in sight. But you already knew that. I feel like this book is the equaliviant of the "Imeach Bush" sticker I see in the bathroom of my neighborhood bar. Who extactly is this book converting? Either way, discontent and anger is always a great catlyst for art and if you take a look at the pages below you'll see some good examples. --fecalface.com